Puffin Media provides a variety of video services to our customers as well as some additional media services. Whether your looking to create a promotional video for your growing business, showcase your home/properties beauty to potential buyers, save your old VHS memories to DVD, or retouch and colourize your old photos, Puffin Media is here to help.

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Affordable Web Video

In today’s crowded web media marketplace, you need presence that punches though, and stands out across peer-to-peer networks. Puffin Media is experienced at creating corporate web videos that speak the language that connects to your target market – and inspires them to share that voice online.

Puffin Media’s video services help your brand obtain more traffic and engagement with your customers. Puffin Media also has educational and training video services for your employee base.

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Objectives and Goals

Before you decide to create a video, it’s crucial that you have an understanding of the goals and objectives you would like to achieve.

Planning Process

You may already come to us with a script in hand but if not we will work with you to get your ideas on paper. Then establish a reasonable timeline for your project.


This is when we shoot the video, capture the audio, and create any graphics or animation needed for your project.

Post Production

Then we take all of the materials from the production stage and edit them together to form your final video.

Video Review

We send you a draft of the video for your approval. This allows you to give us your feedback and we can make the appropriate edits.

Final Product

We send you the final video in the file format of your choosing. We can then upload your completed project to any video streaming site such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Puffin Aerial

Puffin Media will soon be offering drone videography and photography for businesses and real-estate agents in Oxford County and surrounding areas.  These videos and photos will be available at 4K.

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VHS to DVD Transfer

The problem with keeping VHS tapes is that they’re like a ticking time bomb. The magnetic strips in the VHS tapes fade over time from normal wear and tear as well as aging. Once this happens those memories can fade away and become ruined. Before your precious video moments disappear transfer them from VHS to DVD.

Once your video is transferred from VHS to DVD it will never deteriorate, can play on almost any DVD player, and you can copy them again and again and each copy will be as crisp and clean as the first one.

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Photo Colourization

Puffin Media can take your old black and white photos and colourize them into beautiful works of art. Relive your old memories just like when they happened…in colour. We try to mimic the colours that you would find in your picture to create a realistic look.

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Photo Retouching

Have some old photos with scratches and small tares? Puffin Media can help restore your vintage photos back to there former glory. We can remove scratches, small tears, exposure dots, colour dots, and blemishes.

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Looking to Increase your

Online Marketing?

With the rapid growth of the Internet and social media in today’s world, a majority of consumers are researching and viewing businesses online well before making a buying decision. How do companies stand out in a sea of competitors? They create engaging and knowledgeable videos to be viewed and shared by their customers.

We strive to provide high quality affordable videos to every client no matter how small their marketing budget.

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