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We are a video production company that specializes in providing high quality affordable video content for any sized business.

Located in Woodstock, we serve all of Oxford County.

Web Video

With the rapid growth of the Internet and social media in today's world, a majority of consumers are researching and viewing businesses online well before making a buying decision. How do companies stand out in a sea of competitors? They create engaging and knowledgeable videos to be viewed and shared by their customers.

Videos We Can Create
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Parody Videos

A video created to mimic and mock the style of someone else’s original work. Usually the original work is quite famous so customers understand the reference.

Testimonial Videos

The best marketing material is a testimonial from a happy customer, but having a video testimonial makes your business that much more credible.

Educational Videos

A video which presents educational material to your customers or employee’s on a topic that you would like them to become more knowledgeable on.

Product Installation Videos

A great way for your clients to see how your product is installed, especially if the product or service is something that the customers will only see the finished product.

Event Highlight Videos

If your business conducts events then a short 2 -3 video is a great way to build a social media following to stir interest in the next event you will be holding.

Crowd Funding Videos

These videos showcase your story and what you are looking to create with the help of the community on your project page.

Video Animations

An effective way to summarize your complex ideas. It also helps to keep viewer retention on very statistic-heavy topics.

Employee Bio Videos

Have a business with traveling salesmen? Why not send your customer a quick salesmen bio so they can learn about who they’ll be meeting with before they enter their home.

Mobile Ready

Every affordable video created with Puffin Media is formatted for optimal playback on not only your companies' website and video sharing sites but on devices such as tablets and mobile devices.

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